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The Freak Manifold Filter is the most advanced digital filter for your rack.

The Freak harvest the soul of more than 15 analog circuits in order to provide an unmatchable palette of sound shaping capabilities.

This is the perfect filter for the people that cannot decide which Eurorack filter to buy. Now you don't have to make a decision because you can have them all.


  • 16 filters and 4 distortions/waveshapers models (and still expanding)

  • 56+ total configurations of the filters

  • Stereo, Dual (two mono) and Duplex (2 stereo) filter modes

  • 6 modulation inputs and attenuverters

  • Builtin VCAs (enable them in the Settings menu)

  • Size: 12 HP, 40mm deep

  • Alternate Firmware that turns it into a VCO



The Freak Manifold Filter is the result of my obsession with analog filters. Over the last years, I have spent countless hours analyzing and creating mathematical models of my favorite filters. Using my skills on the field, I have been able of efficiently solving the resulting complex nonlinear differential equations that are the heart of the sound.


You can have a glimpse on how I create these models by reading this blog post: Digital Vintage Sound: Modeling Analog Synthesizers with the Wolfram Language and System Modeler

Filters included (so far):

  • Tangents: Steiner-Parker filter (three variations, LP, HP, BP).

  • Lateralus: Ladder filter (6, 12, 8 and 24dB options)

  • Nurage: Low pass gate/Borg filter 

  • Nurage-VCA: VCA+LPG variable vactrol

  • Ferox: CMOS filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch)

  • Vortex: Russian filter (LP, BP)

  • Stabile: State-Variable filter (LP, HP, BP)

  • Stabile SEM: combined LP and HP.

  • Unstabile Circuit bent State-Variable filter (LP, HP, BP)

  • Vorg: MS-20 style filter (LP, HP)

  • Rescomb: Resonant Comb filter (Comb+ and Comb-)

  • Boomstick: Sallen-Key filter (LP,HP)

  • Disjoint: DJ-Style filter (48db, 96dB)

  • Debriatus: Wave Destructor (Bit Crush, Wave Fold, Distortion)

  • Nopskate: Flip-flop octaver

  • Flame: Analog distortion (Rodent, Cylinder)

  • Phonok: Vowel resonator

  • Wolv: waveshaper

  • Nitrous: acid filter (303)

  • Jorus II: Analog Chorus

For an in-depth look a the module, check the User Manual here ->


You can get the latest Firmware for your module here (v3.2) ->

Released April 2024


Check the Assembly Guide here ->

Alternative Firmware

Vraids v2.1. Based on the code by Emilie Gillet


Vult Freak

Vult Freak

Vult Freak
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Filthy Nirvana with Knobula Kickain and Vult Freak

Filthy Nirvana with Knobula Kickain and Vult Freak

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Vult Freak: Manifold Filter for Eurorack

Vult Freak: Manifold Filter for Eurorack

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Vult Freak - Digital vs. Analog

Vult Freak - Digital vs. Analog

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What's new in Freak v2.4?

What's new in Freak v2.4?

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