Freak is high-end digital filter that runs most of Vult's Virtual Analog models. It can be run as a single Stereo filter or as two independent filters in Dual mode.

This filter has the power of simulating more than 13 Analog Filters plus 3 distortion. Every model was meticulously developed to capture the soul of the original circuit and simulate it in real-time inside this 12 HP device.

This is the perfect filter for the people that cannot decide which Eurorack filter to buy. Now you don't have to make a decision because you can have them all.

Filters included:

  • Tangents: Steiner-Parker filter (three variations, LP, HP, BP).

  • Lateralus: Ladder filter (6, 12, 8 and 24dB options)

  • Nurage: Low pass gate/Borg filter 

  • Ferox: CMOS filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch)

  • Vortex: Russian filter (LP, BP)

  • Stabile: State-Variable filter (LP, HP, BP)

  • Unstabile Circuit bent State-Variable filter (LP, HP, BP)

  • Vorg: MS-20 style filter (LP, HP)

  • Rescomb: Resonant Comb filter (Comb+ and Comb-)

  • Boomstick: Sallen-Key filter (LP)

  • Disjoint: DJ-Style filter (48db, 96dB)

  • Debriatus: Wave Destructor (Bit Crush, Wave Fold, Distortion)

  • Nopskate: Flip-flop octaver

  • Flame: Analog distortion (Rodent, Cylinder)

The filter is available fully assembled or as DIY kit.

Additional features:

  • Builtin VCAs

For an in-depth look a the module, check the User Manual here ->

You can get the latest Firmware for your module here (v2.4) ->


If you got the DIY version, you can check the Assembly Guide here ->

Alternative Firmware

Vraids. Based on the code by Emilie Gillet


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