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Vult is the side project of Dr. Leonardo Laguna Ruiz.


After more than 10 years developing scientific software, he decided to apply all his knowledge in electronics, mathematical modelling and simulation to his favorite hobby: Music Technology.

Currently, Leonardo still works developing the simulation core of Wolfram SystemModeler and maintains his Vult hobby with the help of his family and friends.

You can find more about Vult in the following links:


Over the years, many people have helped with testing, design and ideas. My gratitude goes to:

  • Alejandro Galán Álvaro

  • David Rodriguez

  • Xavier Blemont

  • Nigel TheArt OfSound

  • Simon Bader

  • Omri Cohen

  • Andrew Belt

  • John Klimt

Vult Ltd

Radostina Andreeva

Gorno Brodi 38

Plovdiv 4004


EIK: 205343072

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