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Caudal, a highly sought-after module in VCV, has now been adapted to hardware.

At its heart, Caudal features a mechanical simulator capable of running various chaotic systems.

Caudal offers these operating modes:

  • Pendulum: A four-segment pendulum swinging without friction.

  • Planets: Four planets experiencing the effects of gravity in a micro-universe.

  • Fish tank: Four fish continuously navigating within their tank.

  • Fluctuating voltage: Four chaotic voltage generators reminiscent of Buchla style.

Caudal produces 8 output signals capable of modulating your system. These signals vary from very slow frequencies to a few hundred hertz.


Two input jacks manage two sets of sample and hold blocks linked to each output.

The simulation's core allows for controlling storage, recall, and reversing of the simulation.



For an in-depth look a the module, check the User Manual here ->


You can get the latest Firmware for your module here (v1.1) ->

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