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New Vult Fury Bundle for Voltage Modular

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Vult Fury Bundle for Voltage Modular

Over the last months I have been working on optimizations that would allow me to port more of my modules to the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular.

This bundle of modules contains mainly sound sources, but it also includes one new filter and utility.

Since I love filters, I'll start telling you about Vorg.

Vorg is one of my filter models that is based on one of my hardware modules with the same name. The Vorg hardware is based on a more modern version of a MS-20 filter.

I ported three oscillators: Bleak, Basal and Noxious. These are very different beasts. Basal on one side is very smooth sounding; producing waves with low harmonic content. Bleak is a virtual analog oscillator that generates perfectly non-aliased waveforms. Noxious on the other side is an experimental oscillator whose signature is very harsh sounds. However, Noxious can produce soft sounds as well, you just need to know how to use it.

Caudal is my simulation of the multi-segment pendulum. This is a chaotic system by nature and can be used to produce related, but very unpredictable signals.

Knock is my take on the analog bass drum. Knock can produce a wide range of sounds. One of the features I like the most if the Vactrol-based accent control.

Rescomb 2 is an improved version of my first ever release module. I'm a big fan of the metallic sounds that can be achieved with comb filters.

Lastly I created Leakage. This is a module that I made first for Voltage Modular because I felt the need o such functions. It's based on Flux, but Leakage features only one of the voltage processors.

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