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New Freak firmware fixes screen problems

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Over the course of the Freak existence I have occasionally received reports from testers that the Freak screen sometimes does not turn on after powering the Rack. I have been fixing those individual issues on every release. But it seems like the fixes have not addressed the main issue.

The last report was from my friend Nik. We thought that the problem could be a hardware failure on the screen and he was kind enough to ship me back the module for repair. After some testing with I figured out that the problem was a firmware issue.

It turns out that I'm not the only one having issues with the OLED screens using the SSD1306 screens. Thanks to the following post Debugging SSD1306 Display Problems I figured out that the initialization steps matter. After swapping a few lines, my code had the same order as the initialization recommended on the post. This change made the screen to power correctly on all combinations I tested.

If you are having screen issues this is a highly recommended update. This fix applies as well to Vraids.

Other fixes

This release improves the noise that can be heard when running Flame with maximum distortion.

You can find the newest firmware here:

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1 Yorum

23 Ara 2021

Glad I could help! Overjoyed to have the irreplaceable source of Vultiness back in the rack. Great post that you found. Seasons greetings!

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