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New Firmware for Caudal

We have a new version of the Caudal firmware available. This version is a bug fix release. The main fix is that Caudal will work better for very low speeds.

You can find the latest firmware (v1.1) in the product page

How do you know if you need this update

Starting from version 1.1, you can determine the firmware version by counting the blinks of the module's lights. For version 1.0, there are no blinks, the lights will display a circular pattern.

In version 1.1, the top-left LED blinks once, followed by a blink from the top-right LED. Then, a circular pattern will follow. For version 1.2 (not released yet), you will observe the top-left LED blinking once, followed by two blinks from the top-right LED.

Here's the logic: The top-left LED indicates the major version number, while the top-right LED indicates the minor version number.

Since this is the first firmware update, all modules need it.

How to flash the new firmware

You can find the instructions in the User Manual found on

But here's a short version.

The firmware is essentially an audio file that needs to be played back into the module. To perform the update, follow these steps using your audio card:

  • Connect the audio output of your sound card to the SPEED input jack.

  • Disconnect all other jacks.

Now, enter the bootloader mode:

  • Hold down the HIT and RECALL buttons.

  • Simultaneously, press the Reset button located at the back.

Play the audio file. While the update is in progress, keep an eye on the top-right LED, which will blink several times. Wait patiently until the file finishes playing, and the module will reset automatically.

If something doesn't go as planned and an issue arises, you'll notice that all LEDs turn on. In this case, simply repeat the entire process.

Upcoming features

I've received several feature requests for the module and I'm currently exploring the best way to integrate them into an upcoming firmware update. I also have a few additional modes in the pipeline that I plan to incorporate. Meanwhile, I hope you're enjoying the module, and I believe this bug fix will significantly enhance your experience for now.

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