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Fuser: A simple but effective module

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The past month I decided to redesign my Eurorack case/stand. Previously, I have been working with a couple of small cases that I made out of plywood and 3D printer parts. I use these small cases because they are portable and I can hold the modules I need for development. However, they are not very practical when I want to make more complete patches.

Vult Portable Rack

The new Eurorack case I designed is basically a stand that holds the rails and adds a few pieces of wood for support. The sides are 3D printed and so far they have shown to be strong enough to hold the whole system and a few books on top. I have not had these many modules ready to use in a long time.

Thanks to that new case I have been able of experimenting with more complex patches. But I have been noticing the lack of "glue" modules on my system. If you have been following my developments, you may know that I have a lot of filters. Currently most of them are in boxes because I do not have enough space in my desk to add a second case. In that case I only have one multiple and one mixer as utility modules. Last time I tried to make a patch I immediately ran out of channels and my only option was to use the ES-8 + VCV Rack as mixer. The ES-8 is too much module for being used as mixer.

Here is where Fuser takes the stage.

Fuser is a very simple mixer which I designed with the following objectives in mind.

  • Decent number of inputs: Fuser provides six inputs.

  • Flexible: it can be used as dual 3 inputs mixer.

  • Compact: it is 8HP wide.

  • Ergonomic: the knobs leave enough room for the fingers and the cables are not on the way.

My main use cases for this mixer are:

  • Combining my drum sounds using the 6 inputs.

  • Combining multiple oscillators (3) on one channel and multiple modulation sources on the other.

This is the block diagram of Fuser.

As I mentioned before, I designed this module for myself. But if anyone feels that it could be a good addition for your system, I will have available this module in three different presentations:

  • Fully assembled module

  • Full DIY kit

  • Panel+PCBs

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