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Everything new with Freak 2.0

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It's been a few months of intense work and finally we are almost ready to officially release the Freak 2.0. Version 2.0 is not a new hardware. It's the exactly the same module but with new Firmware that will make you feel like you have an extra module.

If you have been following the story in our Facebook page you may already know how this unfolds. If this is new to you, here's the summary.

Dual Mode

The Freak filter used to be a stereo filter capable of processing two channels using the same filter model and parameters. Dual mode makes possible to select a different filter model on each channel and control them independently. Now Freak is two filters in one.


In this version we have added, in addition to new filter models, one special model: distortion from Vult Debriatus.

If you are not familiar with Debriatus, it is a combinations of wave shapers that includes:

- Bit crusher

- Wave folder

- Asymmetric distortion

- Saturation

Since we believe Freak has already too many filters, in the future we will be adding other useful effects from the Vult repertoire.

User Manual

Finally, we have a manual explaining everything about the Freak filter. You can find it in the main Freak page.

In the manual you can find the information to update the firmware of your Freak.


This month we started preparing the Freak filter as a full (and easy to assemble) DIY kit. This option is ideal if you have basic soldering skills and want to learn a bit how to build a module or save some money. This kit contains all the parts you need to build a Freak. We will guide you through the whole process in the Freak Assembly Guide. You can find it in the Freak page.

But, how does it sound?

If you still haven't hear the Freak module. Our friend Omri Cohen has prepared an excellent video explaining the features and making songs using each of the models.

What comes in the future

As mentioned above, we are adding more stuff to this versatile module. Make sure to follow us in our social networks to get a glimpse of what's coming.

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