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A round of interviews

A few days ago it was released an interview I had for the podcast. If you don't know the podcast, it is a show about electronics and programming usually focused on embedded devices (microcontrollers or small linux boxes).

You can find my interview here

There's other interview there that I highly recommend you. This one is with Roger Linn

If you want to keep listening, there's other interview I had with Darwin Grosse for the Art + Music + Technology podcast:

Back in October I gave a talk in the Wolfram Technology Conference. The talk is not public yet, but there is a short interview I had before the event. You can find that one here:

Lastly, if you are interested on modeling topics, back in July I wrote a blog post about basics of modeling analog electronics. You can find that one here:

I'm preparing a second part for that blog post when I'm going to show a detailed analysis of a well known part of a synth.

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