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A pack of Wolvs attacks

Updated: May 20, 2021

Short version: you can get a Wolv module HERE

Over the last years, I have built a lot of synthesizer circuits. Every time a model a synthesizer piece I end up building a circuit that I use as reference. These circuits can be breadboard circuits, commercial DIY kits, or full PCBs. Most of the times I end up doing nothing else with these circuits and I either destroy them, put them in a box, give them away to friends or I add them to my rack.

In a few occasions, I make full eurorack modules. For example, some years ago I designed the PCBs and panel for a Steiner-Parker filter. I gave away the boards to some of my friends and I believe that there are 4 "copies" in existence.

Vult Analog Steiner-Parker filter

For all the other modules that I have designed (and shown pictures) people often ask me if they can get one. Usually, I'm a bit reluctant because there could be small issues that may need fixing in order to have polished product. Additionally, if I want to turn these modules into products I need to make sure there's a minimum demand that justifies the development efforts. This is the main reason why I'm retiring from sale the Vorg analog filter. I have them in stock, but the volume of sales is small. If I don't hit a minimum target in the coming months, I won't be producing more.

Vult Vorg analog filter. Get it while you can.

The last module I designed is the Wolv wave shaper.

Vult Wolf waveshaper

I designed this because I wanted to model the circuit originally conceived by Ian Fritz. This resulted in the virtual Wolv version (soon to be released).

The main reason why I decided to build this is because, as far as I know, it is a very different type of waveshaper. It also seems to be not very popular since I could find just a couple of videos of people showing it. If you want to have an idea on how it behaves, you can check the following video:

This time the hardware design is polished enough that I could create a few extra modules and sell them to the persons that want one. This is how I'm planning doing it:

  1. Putting the module on pre-order.

  2. Waiting 2-3 weeks time to collect orders.

  3. Ordering the parts and PCBs for the pre-ordered modules.

  4. Building the modules including a few spares.

  5. Shipping the modules.

I estimate that it would take 1-2 months to ship the modules.

If you are interested on getting one of this you can pre-order it in the following link

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