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Semiconductor shortage hits Vult

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

You may already know that there's a semiconductor shortage. There is an interesting Wikipedia article about that: Global Chip Shortage

How does this affect Vult?

Currently there are three ICs used in the Freak filter that I cannot buy. This means that I will not be able of producing Freaks in the coming months. I don't know when the things are going back to normal. I may still have a few in stock by the time you read this. If you ever wanted a (first or second) Freak now it's the time to get it.

However, there are a few ICs that are still possible to buy, for example, the through-hole components. This makes possible building analog modules. If you read my previous post, I'm making a single batch of Wolv modules (100% analog) and they are currently in pre-order. I have already sourced all the components and they will be available while the batch lasts.

In the short future

I'm taking this time to develop a few crazy ideas. There are some interesting and original modules that I believe I can develop using only analog components. I have been doing my research and making a lot of experiments and simulations. If I manage to get this thing working you will see a new and fresh module in the future.

Small section of my new secret module

I have to admit, that being my specialty DSP (digital signal processing), I could make this module using a small microcontroller. But I cannot buy the ones I would use to implement it. In this time of shortage, who needs a silly microcontroller when you can build an Analog Computer.

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