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More stuff for synth nerds

Since the electronics world is on stale in the Vultiverse, I have had the time to add to the store more of my t-shirt designs and also a few items that I like.

I love my morning coffee. As many of you (I guess), my days starts with a ritual that involves warming up the water and grinding the beans. Sometimes I use the french press others simply brew the coffee with a filter. The most adventurous days, I prepare foamed milk for a nice cappuccino. I add no sugar, the coffee itself feels already sweat for me. Since I have used the same mug for many many years, I decided to get a new one in order to make the taste more inspiring.

The change of habits from the past two years had a toll on me. It seems to me that some of my clothes have shrunk a bit, specially my t-shirts. They feel a little bit tight. That motivated me to get some new ones. Since I wanted to be the cool guy in the neighborhood, I got some of the new Vult t-shirts.

These are my favorite designs out of the ones I created some years back. We have two versions of the logo, one with the ladder filter design and one with the low pass gate design.

Here where I live it can get quite hot. These t-shirts have the characteristics that make me feel comfortable wearing them. They are soft, light and the printing is not very thick. If you have ever had a t-shirt with a big and thick print in the front you may agree with me that it feels a little bit uncomfortable. These are not like this. Wearing them gives you power.

Baseball in my family has been a thing for three generations. It is in fact the only sport that I have ever been moderately good at playing. For that reason I usually wear baseball hats. Nowadays my favorite team is the team Vult.

This is my embroidered hat. It is a distressed version, so it looks just like my 15 year old hat but it smells better.

If you liked any of these designs and you want to nerd-out with me, the products are available in the Vult store.

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