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More DIY kits and PCBs

Vorg DIY

I have not had the Vorg filter in DIY form in stock for a a long time. The main reason is that creating the build documentation takes some time and I have been focused on other projects. Since one of the components used in the Vorg filter has been marked as obsolete (the LM13700 in DIP package), this is the last opportunity for me to prepare a DIY version of the Vorg filter. The LM13700 can still be found in the well known suppliers for synth parts. However, it will start fading away. Note that the SMD version is still in production.

Some weeks ago I decided to create a nice build guide of the Vorg filter. The guide includes an Interactive BOM which is an interactive html page that highlights the positions of all the components in the board. This really simplifies the assembling of the main board.

The main build document is a step-by-step guide that describes the best assembling procedure. After building myself a lot of Vorg modules this is what I recommend in order to have painless build.

All the design documents are available on the main Vorg page:

If you want to build your own, you can either buy the full kit or the PCBs and Panel.

Fuser DIY

After a successful round of pre-orders, the Fuser mixer is now shipping in fully assembled and DIY forms. Mixers are boring but useful. When making Fuser I tried to strike a good balance between size and functionality. The result is this module that can be used either as a 6 channel mixer or dual 3 channel mixer.

Fuser is available in three versions. The build information is available on the main page:

Wolv PCBs

After receiving a few requests, I decided to order a small batch of PCBs+Panels for the Wolv module. If you did not manage to get one of the limited edition modules, now you can build your own. This is certainly the last time I will produce PCBs for it.

The build information is available in the main page:

Upcoming Modules

If you have seen my previous post (here on the blog and social networks) you may know what is coming up. I have been designing new modules and also redesigning existing ones. For two of the modules I have gathered all the parts to produce a small batch. I will publish all the details once I have them ready.

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