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How did we do this year?

It's been practically a year since we started shipping hardware modules. I have expressed in previous posts the difficulties I see of being a small company and designing, producing and delivering the modules. The main complication is that we still have to do a lot of the work by ourselves. Every module that we ship spends a good chunk of time in my hands.

I'm constantly thinking on new ways to optimize our process. You know, work smart not hard. Some of the things I have done are:

  • Getting new tools. For example, ultrasonic cleaner, fume extractor, high quality soldering iron.

  • Designing a few supports and tools with the 3D printer that make easier assembling the boards.

  • Redesigning the main electronics focusing on ease of assembly.

  • I made a small rack that I use for testing each module. This one is not optimal. I'm working on making an automated platform capable of testing ~80% of the module by pressing one button. To make it fully automatic I need to make a small robot that turns the knobs and presses the buttons, but that is out of the scope for now.

Compact and portable Freak testing rig

All these improvements are a result of the things that we can observe. However, once the module is shipped I assume that everything is working fine. I have received very good comments from people that are enjoying the module. Some of you have posted pictures and videos on social media and that have been really helpful to let people know that Vult exists. I really appreciate that.

The software side

Those of you that work in software know that it is never in a steady state. This year I released many new modules and lots of improvements and bug fixes. Both for VCV and Voltage Modular. Thanks to the large amount of users, the comments, suggestions and improvements never stop.

Give us some feedback

If you have any suggestion or comment, I invite you to send me an email at It does not have to be about the hardware or software, it can be about anything. For example, was the packaging of the hardware good enough? What do you think about the web page?

We would like to hear anything that can help us make Vult better.

From Vult, we wish you happy holidays.

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